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The cries of the slaughter will echo across the firmament, briefly, before they are silenced by the claws of our brethren!
  — Director Lee[1]  

Lee is a Devil Archfiend and one of the three directors of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. The first two letters of his name correspond to his alignment, Lawful Evil.

The IFCC has three director members, one from each of evil types of Outsiders, Demons, Devils, and Yugoloth (Daemons). They nearly always have a common dialogue, each of them speaking a sentence or even a part of that. This makes it hard to determine who is who, though the color of their eyes sets them apart.

Word of God in Don't Split The Party (next to page 642a) informs the reader who is who. The yellow is Lee, a devil, lawful evil. Orange is Cedrik, chaotic evil, and purple is Nero, a daemon, Neutral Evil. Lee also distinguishes himself from the other two when discussing his employment of Sabine.[2]

Perhaps demonstrating the integration of the evil alignments central to the IFCC's mission, Lee has the succubus Sabine working for him.[2] This is remarkable because succubi are demons and Lee is a devil, types of fiends which are normally at odds.

In the Soul Splice, Lee provided the sorcerer Jephton the Unholy, to be spliced onto Vaarsuvius. Jephton did not provide any epic spells, but his versatility as a sorcerer enabled V to use several metamagic feats in an unplanned fashion to great avail.

Lee provided the location in Hell where the three members of the IFCC watched the events on the Prime Material Plane. Oddly, when Sabine was banished by Durkon's Holy Word spell, she was confined to her home plane, which as a demon ought to be the Abyss, but instead she showed up in Hell where she watched the HDTV (Hell-Damned Television) with the directors. This may be due to her unique relationship with Lee and the IFCC as noted above.


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