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Leadership in Action
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 22
Date published 17 December 2003
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"It's All About the Drama" "Meanwhile..."
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Roy tries to get Belkar to track Trigak to find Xykon's lair.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: Hey Belkar, I've been discussing strategy with Haley, and we have a job for you.
Belkar: Really? OK.

Panel 2

Roy: That chimera said Xykon had sent him up through the dungeon to kill us.
Belkar: Sure did.

Panel 3

Roy: BUT! If the chimera was sent by Xykon, then it must have come from Xykon's secret throne room.

Panel 4

Roy: Which means we can track it back to that throne room. Get it?

Panel 5

Beat. Belkar doesn't get it.

Panel 6

Roy: We can track it. Back to the throne room.

Panel 7

Beat. Belkar still doesn't get it. Roy is upset.

Panel 8

Roy: You're a ranger.
Belkar: Yeah, and?

Panel 9

Roy: Listen Carefully. We want to track the chimera.
Belkar: Right.
Roy: You're a ranger.
Belkar: Right.

Panel 10

Roy (angrily): That's it.
Belkar: I don't get it.

Panel 11

Roy: *Sigh*

Panel 12

Roy: The chimera made fun of how short you are.
Belkar: Oh, that is IT! I'm gonna track down that loser's family and slit their friggin' throats!

Panel 13

Roy addresses the reader, breaking the 4th wall.
Roy: I work with the tools I've been given. Sue me.

D&D Context Edit

  • Rangers like Belkar Bitterleaf gain the feat Track for free and Survival as a class skill, which make them the best class for tracking opponents.

Trivia Edit

  • Belkar expresses his issues about his height for the first time.

External Links Edit

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