Belkar Bitterleaf used to carry around a sheet of lead which he used to protect from paladin's Detect Evil spells, claiming it was part of halfling culture (first used 202). It was lost in Azure City, and recently seen (strip 779) being used by Niu to block a hobgoblin cleric's Detect Good spell.

Bitterleaf, Belkar (plaintiff) Vs. Miko Miyazaki, Paladin of Azure City (defendant) (begins strip 228)

The use of the lead sheet, ostensibly a matter of halfling culture, was also employed as part of a legal defense by the two attorneys (Mr Jones and Mr Rodriguez). Their case had two parts. The first arguement against Miko's Detect Good ability was on the grounds that many of the monsters subjected to it died shortly later. Miko's exhasperated statement that it was due to her killing them only bolstered their arguement. The second part of Bitterleaf's defese was on grounds of privacy. As free people, and even as prisoners, Bitterleaf still had a right to privacy and protection against illegal searches.

A conflict with Bitterleaf's legal counsel erupted when one of them attempted serving a restraining order on Bitterleaf in strip 230. The attorneys instead worked for the prosecution in the court at Azure City. During the trial, Belkar Bitterleaf and Miko Myazaki both fought. Eventually giving in to the temptation to use the lead sheet, she attempted to use detect evil. Belkar blocked the attempted scan with the lead sheet and hit her with it while remarking that it was worth the weight encumberences (strip 281).

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