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Kwesi is a member of the crew the Mechane. She has distinctive pink hair with the sides of her head shaved. Her responsibilities include operating the engine control station[1], and mechanical repairs under the direction of Andi.[2]

Kwesi was part of the group which objected to carrying the Order of the Stick to the North Pole after the Godsmoot.[3] She didn't like being a ferry service for the party rather than their usual activities as air pirates. However she quickly dropped her objections when adequate coin was proffered by Roy.

She was again manning the engineering station when Andi mutinied, knocking Bandana unconscious with a spanner. She did not immediately side with Andi or Bandana, choosing instead to panic. Subsequently, she thought it best to accept the mutiny and escape the ambush. After Andi's command lead them off the Pass and trapped behind mountains due to leaking lift gas, Kwesi was convinced by Bandana to untie her and allow her to resume command.


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