Knight Takes Pawn
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 356
Date published 4 October 2006
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"Sore Loser" "Pen Beats Sword"
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Roy captures Pompey for all of five seconds.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Pompey: Crush the police, my evil insect minions! Kill them!

Panel 2

Pompey sees Roy standing behind him.

Panel 3

Pompey: You know, technically, I'm just an innocent victim here.
Roy: Shut up.
Pompey: Shutting up, yessir.

Panel 4

Roy: Where is she?!?
Pompey: She escaped! She was fighting my summoned monsters.
Roy: Fantastic. I'm sure her keen ability to point out other peoples' shortcomings is serving her well in the heat of battle.

Panel 5

Roy: Well, while we talk, why don't you explain Nale's grand plan to me, in as excruciating detail as you are capable of remembering.
Roy: Not that it matters, since it's pretty much been shot to Hades by this point...
Pompey: I don't know! I'm just a lackey!

Panel 6

Roy: What I don't get is why he bothered to kidnap my sister. He didn't even TRY to bargain with me for her life or anything.
Pompey: What part of "lackey" don't you understand? Geez...

Panel 7

Roy: There you are! I've been looking all over for you.
Julia: Want a medal?
Roy: You're the chief of police?
Chief: At least until the mayor puts my head on a pike for this kind of ruckus in an election year.

Panel 8

Roy: My name is Roy Greenhilt, and I lead an adventuring party named the Order of the Stick.
Roy: Sorry for the mess around here, but we were attempting to rescue my kid sister there from a kidnapping plot cooked up by the evil twin of one of my colleagues.

Panel 9

Sabine is disguised as a male police officer.
Roy: This little creep was in on it, too. He summoned those centipedes that attacked you.
Chief: Take him back to HQ and throw him in a cell 'til I get back.
Sabine: You got it, Chief.

Panel 10

Chief: We'll hold him while we get the rest of this sorted out.
Roy: I haven't seen the ringleader yet, a male human with blond hair and a goatee, or his half-orc thug, but I managed to knock out his girlfriend, who was also in—

Panel 11

Roy sees that Sabine is gone.
Roy: Aw, crap.
Roy: Where'd she go??

Panel 12

Sabine walks away with Pompey.

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