Justice Can Be a Messy Business
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 569
Date published 22 June 2008
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"A Sign That You Have a Problem" "Clean Slate"
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Belkar experiences the effects of transgressing the Greater Mark of Justice.

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Panel 1

The panel is bathed in blue, just as the last panel of the previous strip.
Giant Illusory Head of Lord Shojo: Hello. This is the giant illusory head of Lord Shojo speaking.
Belkar: Nnnnnh!!!
Shojo: If you're seeing this implanted message, you have violated the terms of your Greater Mark of Justice—
Shojo: —because you inflicted lethal damage within the bounds of a city, town, or village, strayed more than one mile from Roy, or cheesed Roy off enough for him to say the magic command word.
Roy: Well, I guess I can finally stop worrying about accidentally saying the word "squiddley-doodlefluffer" in casual conversation.
Shojo: The designated curse will now take effect. Sucks to be you, I guess.

Panel 2

The panel coloring returns to normal.
Belkar: Ugh...
Belkar: That scaly oracular bastard set me up! Being a litter box is too good for his head!

Panel 3

Belkar: Actually, you know... that pain was pretty bad, but this isn't too horrible. Just sort of a low-grade headache.
Belkar: I can't believe I was so worried about the—

Panel 4

Belkar vomits.
Belkar: *BLERRRGH!*

Panel 5

Belkar: Ugh... OK, that was disgusting, but still, not really all that—

Panel 6

Belkar vomits again. This time with more vomit.

Panel 7

Belkar vomits a third time.
Belkar: *HnhFLERRRGH!*

Panel 8

Belkar continues to vomit.
Belkar: *hurrAGG!*
Belkar: ...
Belkar: *huuurrrAAAGG!*

Panel 9

Belkar: OK... OK, that has to be all that's in my stomach, so the worst of it is over.
Haley: See?!? This is what you get for killing someone who—

Panel 10

Belkar vomits on Haley.
Belkar: *BLURRRRG!*
Haley: Hey!

Panel 11

Celia: And that's what you get for not reigning him in earlier.
Belkar: *hunh* *hunh* *hunh*
Celia: If you had properly punished him when he killed that poor gnome—

Panel 12

Belkar projectile vomits into Celia's face.
Celia: Aaah!!

Panel 13

Celia: Oh gods, my mouth was open!! Oh gods! I'm gonna be sick!
Belkar: Unnnh....
Haley: How about we put a moratorium on, "I told you so's," if only for our own protection?
Roy: I've never been so happy to be incorporeal.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Lord Shojo since his corpse was shown in #410. (Not counting when Belkar impersonates him in #524.)

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