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Jirix is a hobgoblin officer under Redcloak in the Occupied Azure City.

He enjoyed watching O-Chul struggling to survive various dangers and trials they put him in.

When O-Chul escaped, he impaled Jirix with a bar from his cage. Xykon later ordered Redcloak to raise him.

Jirix then became Prime Minister of Gobbotopia and Redcloak left for a mission to ensure her future.

He often made jokes, because "A legitimate peacetime leader should seem relaxed," as he put it.

According to Jirix, when he died he saw the army of the Dark One, the army in which Goblinoids serve once they die. He also informed Redcloak, that the Dark One have a message for him, which was (as theological revelation) quite direct.

He is currently residing in Xykon's Tower while Xykon, Redcloak, and the Monster in the Darkness go off to search for Girard's Gate and is presumable still there, while they're going after Kraagor's gate. [1]

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