It's a Type of Boat
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 418
Date published 23 February 2007
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No one touches Hinjo's junk, though they do handle his package.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

A wide scene of the Azure City waterfront. A great fleet is at sea, with only one boat at the docks.
Hinjo: Lien, have all the ships launched?
Lien: That was the last wave. All have launched save this one this Lord Hinjo.

Panel 2

Hinjo: There's not even anyone aboard yet... What's going on here?
Lien: Sir, this was Lord Shojo's personal pleasure yacht, though I suppose it belongs to you now.

Panel 3

Lien: This is your junk.

Panel 4

Hinjo: But why aren't there any citizens aboard it yet?
Lien: Your uncle was a very private person, sir. He forbade anyone from touching his junk.

Panel 5

Hinjo: Well, that ends now. My uncle may have kept his junk to himself, but my junk will be for the people!

Panel 6

Hinjo: Are there still evacuees waiting to board a ship?
Lien: Oh, yes, sir. I imagine I'll have no trouble finding people willing to get aboard your junk.

Panel 7

Lien: It should be able to hold many passengers.
Hinjo: I agree, my junk appears to be quite long...
Roy: Wider than I would have expected, too.

Panel 8

Hinjo: Very well, Lien, you hold my junk here until it is fully loaded.
Lien: That could take some time, Lord Hinjo...
Hinjo: I don't care how long it takes, I don't want my junk to launch prematurely.

Panel 9

Hinjo address the soldier at the end of the pier.
Hinjo: Now, did you deliver that package for me?
Soldier: Yes sir, I handled your package personally.
Hinjo: Outstanding.

Panel 10

The scene cuts to Belkar in his cell, with his eyes closed.
Belkar: I sense a great disturbance...
Belkar: As if a thousand double entendres cried out, and were suddenly silenced...

Trivia Edit

  • As the comic's title indicates, a junk is a type of Chinese boat.
  • "Junk" and "package" are also slang terms for a male's genitalia, which is why Belkar talks about "a thousand double entendres."
  • Belkar's line parodies Obi-wan's line from the 1977 film Star Wars just after the Death Star destroys Alderaan.
  • The Azure City soldier who handles Hinjo's package personally appears to be identical to Kazumi Kato, though there is no other evidence they are the same person. This is not considered the first appearance of Kazumi.

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