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679 (in person)
1046 (portrait)

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Apprentice Baker

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Vaarsuvius (ex-mate)
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Inkyrius, which is often shortened to Kyrie, was the mate of Vaarsuvius. In a similar vein as Vaarsuvius, Inkyrius' gender is ambiguous and to confuse matters further, their adopted children refer to them as "Parent" and "Other Parent". Inkyrius cares for their two 26-year-old elven children in the time that "Other Parent" is gone studying magic.

The fact that Vaarsuvius was married was first casually mentioned to the shock and surprise of almost all members of the Order of the Stick, but Inkyrius was not seen within the comic until much later. Vaarsuvius' family became involved in the story line when the mother of the Black Dragon that Vaarsuvius casually disintegrated during the side-quest for the starmetal meteor, sought out the elven wizard and those close to them in an attempt to make them feel the pain of losing a loved one by first eating and then binding the souls of V's children and thereby insuring that Vaarsuvius and Inkyrius will never see them again.

When the mother Black Dragon attacked, she nailed Inkyrius to a tree and broke the legs of the children. However, before she managed to eat and then soulbind the children, Vaarsuvius teleported in and saves their family as well as viciously killing the Dragon's entire bloodline with the Familicide spell cast through the power of the Soul Splice.

Due to V's callous and depraved appearance and behavior, Inkyrius believed that their mate was demonically possessed, and bravely attempted to defend the children despite not being a fighter. This caused Vaarsuvius to break their concentration for a moment and then lose control of one aspect of the soul splice. After entering a spirited argument about their current situation, Inkyrius asked their mate to remain with their family and work through their own problems. However instead of making amends, Vaarsuvius teleported away.

It was later revealed that V was not a very attentive mate[1] and left Inkyrius alone with the kids for six years, in order to master the ways of magic. For these reasons, and V's leasing of their soul out to fiends caused Inkyrius to file for a divorce. Vaarsuvius chose not to contest the divorce and hoped that they will live happily without them as V attempts to save the world.


Both Inkyrius and Vaarsuvius have pet names for each other; Vaarsuvius refers to their mate as "Kyrie" while Inkyrius refers to their mate as "my Suvie". Interestingly, V also refers to themself as "your Suvie" when V speaks to their mate.


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