This article lists the contents of the OOTS story in terms of important events.

The division into "chapters" is largely arbitrary - many "chapters" include short interludes or episodes that don't reflect the chapter's title. This page is meant to help people who know the story, and who are looking for a reference to a specific event.

Book 1: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools: 1-120Edit

Meet the OotS (1-42) Edit

First encounter with the Linear Guild (43-69) Edit

Deeper into the Dungeon of Dorukan (70-104) Edit

First battle with Xykon (105-120) Edit

Book 2: No Cure for the Paladin Blues: 121-300 Edit

Shopping Spree (121-138) Edit

Into the Forest (139-149) Edit

The Bandits (150-173) Edit

A Tale of Two Lizards (175-188) Edit

Xykon regenerates and gets a new base (190-198) Edit

Enter the Paladin (199-224) Edit

The Inn (225-251) Edit

The Linear Guild Reborn (252-259) Edit

Imprisonment and Trial (260-287) Edit

Denouement (288-300) Edit

Book 3: War and XPs: 301-484 Edit

New Year's Party (301-319) Edit

The Oracle (320-335) Edit

Nale Springs the Trap (336-367) Edit

Miko Meets Team Evil (368-376) Edit

Elan Saves the Day (377-400) Edit

Transfer of Power (401-421) Edit

The Battle of Azure City (422-466) Edit

Disorderly Retreat (467-484) Edit

Book 4: Don't Split the Party: 485-672 Edit

Welcome to Celestia (485-500) Edit

Azurites at Sea (501-510) Edit

Leaving Azure City (511-540) Edit

O-Chul's Ordeal (541-550) Edit

Diplomacy (551-563) Edit

From Sunken Valley to Greysky City (564-581) Edit

Therkla (582-599) Edit

V's departure. Roy is waiting Edit

  • Comic 599: Vaarsuvius departs from the Azurite Fleet.

Return of the Sexy Shoeless God of War (602-622) Edit

All the Wrong Reasons (623-653) Edit

Escapes (654-665) Edit

  • Comic 657: Vaarsuvius goes back to rescue O-Chul.
  • Comic 660: Blackwing fails to drop the Phylactery in rift, but it is lost somewhere.
  • Comic 661: MITD causes Vaarsuvius and O-Chul to ESCAPE (special ability!) to safety.
  • Comic 664: Eugene burns the warning to Roy concerning V's dealing with the Forces of Evil.
  • Comic 665: Roy is back in the GAME!

Debriefing (666-672) Edit

  • Comic 668: The IFCC talk about their plans.
  • Comic 672: Blackwing informs Vaarsuvius about what it saw inside of the Rift.

Book 5: Blood Runs in the Family: 673-946 Edit

Sands edge (673-682) Edit

  • Comic 674: The rest of the OOTS don't believe Blackwing exists.
  • Comic 679: Vaarsuvius accepts a divorce.
  • Comic 681: Haley talks about her father, and why she isn't telling Roy.

Slaver raid and the Purple Worm 683-691 Edit

  • Comic 683: Slavers attack the caravan.
  • Comic 687: Roy gets a belt of giant strength. Belkar gets spice.
  • Comic 688: The spice attracts a sandworm.

Girard's Welcome (691-698) Edit

  • Comic 691: Arrival at the supposed place of the Gate. Searching...
  • Comic 693: Girards message is found and triggered.

Gobbotopia (699-709) Edit

Searching Girard (710-712) Edit

The Empire of Blood (717-745) Edit

  • Comic 719: The Empress of Blood is a dragon.
  • Comic 723: Tarquin reveals himself to be Elan's father.
  • Comic 729: Barroom brawl starts
  • Comic 732: Durkon gets papers
  • Comic 736: Roy and Belkar become gladiators.
  • Comic 741: Roy calls off his rescue.
  • Comic 744: Elan, Haley and Durkon at the big banquest in honor to Elan.
  • Comic 758: The truth about Tarquin and the West Continent.
  • Comic 768: At long last, Haley finds her father.
  • Comic 789: The Linear Guild reappears.
  • Comic 817: Tarquin and Roy agree to manipulate each other for their common goal.
  • Comic 825: The Resistance goes through dire straits.
  • Comic 833: Team Evil leaves Gobbotopia.
  • Comic 839: The Order finds the likely place of Girard's Gate.
  • Comic 842: Vaarsuvius realizes the extent of his mistakes.
  • Comic 862: The Order defeats Tarquin for the moment.
  • Comic 870: An important revelation regarding Malack.
  • Comic 899: The fate of Girard's Gate.
  • Comic 901: Redcloak leaves something for the Order to remember him by.
  • Comic 906: Nale, Malack and Durkon have some matters to settle.
  • Comic 914: Tarquin settles his matters with Nale.
  • Comic 919: Vaarsuvius is finally reunited with the Order of the Stick
  • Comic 924: Tarquin very much wants to have a serious talk with Elan.
  • Comic 930: Help arrives at Elan's request.
  • Comic 936: Elan has had enough of Tarquin.
  • Comic 945: The West Continent's situation is not really settled yet.

Book 6: Title TBA: 947-??? Edit

A Ride in the Mechane (947-964) Edit

  • Comic 948: The Mechane is having trouble with a lightning storm.
  • Comic 957: Belkar is still mistrusting of Durkon.

Tinkertown (965-985)Edit

The Godsmoot (986-1026)Edit

  • Comic 987: Veldrina and Wrecan reach an understanding with Roy