I Guess You Had to Be There
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 856
Date published 21 June 2012
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Nale takes command of the Linear Guild as they explore the interior of Girard's pyramid. Malack turns the naturally mummified Draketooth family into undead mummies. Qarr finds a funny (to him) joke.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The Linear Guild explores the pyramid.
Nale: I don't know…I just—I know Dad has a scheme he's playing here, I just can't figure it out.
Sabine: Baby, you've got this. This is in the bag. Tarquin is dancing on your strings.

Panel 2

Nale: Yeah…yeah, you're right. He's working for me. The Gate is totally useless to him without my help.
Sabine: Whatever happens, I'm proud of you. Now get in there and take command!

Panel 3

Nale and Sabine enter the dining hall with hieroglyphs on the walls. Tarquin and Malack are already inside.
Tarquin: —I'm just surprised. I always thought you were against this sort of thing.
Malack: I am. But Lord Nergal has blessed us with an abundance of a relatively scarce resource.
Malack: If I were not to make full use of it…

Panel 4

Malack has raised the Draketooth family, turning them into mummies.
Malack: …it would just be rude.
Draketooth with Ponytail: make full use
Draketooth with Belt: rude
Draketooth with Bodice: blessed us

Panel 5

Tarquin: Well, Nale, you're in charge here. What's the plan?
Nale: We follow the Order of the Stick down into the pyramid. Keep the pressure on them until they find the Gate.
Nale: Malack, I want you in back, minions out front.
Nale: If we corner them by accident, we can fall back while they fight the mummies for a while.
Draketooth with Ponytail: by accident
Draketooth with Goatee: find the gate

Panel 6

Nale: Dad, since you've got True Seeing, follow the mummies and keep an eye out for any illusions that might be left.
Tarquin: As you command, fair leader!
Nale: And cut the fake servility.
Tarquin: By your will, it shall be so!

Panel 7

Nale: Sabine, stay close to me.
Sabine: Always, honey.
Nale: Kilkil, stay close to my dad.
Kilkil: I'm not calling him "honey."
Nale: And Zz'dtri—

Panel 8

Qarr laughs and points at the Draketooth family tree.
Nale: —try to get your imp to stop laughing.
Qarr: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha—oh! Oh!
Qarr: They're related! They're all—Don't you get it? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

D&D Context Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Draketooths were already natural mummies from the dry desert air, as Durkon notes in #842.
  • This is the final appearance of the various Draketooths portrayed in the Draketooth Genealogy, including the Draketooth Progenitor Dragon. They first appeared in #841.
  • Qarr has of course just figured out the full impact of the Familicide spell on the Draketooth Family.

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