Humans are the most common sophisticated race in the Order of the Stick world. Many figureheads are of this race.

Notable Human CharactersEdit



Varieties of HumansEdit

Different variations of humans are common in D&D.


Humans can breed with most other humanoid species. Half-elves and half-orcs are the most common examples, though half-dwarves, halflings and drow are technically possible. Lizardfolk are a species similar to a cross between humans and lizards, but are a species unto themselves.

Known Half-Human CharactersEdit



Human bodies are commonly used as undead, often for evil purposes. Human skeletons are difficult to distinguish from human, elf or orc, but zombies can be identified as humans. However, Xykons undead are made up of mostly seemingly human bodies, though he is likely to have animated more goblins and hobgoblins.

Known Undead Human CharactersEdit


Many Gods take the forms of humans. All of the Asgardian and Greek pantheons and several of the Mesopotanian Gods take this form.

Human TraitsEdit

In D&D, humans can generally excell in all fields. They have very few advantages or disabilities. Humans are also the most diverse and adaptable of all species in the world.

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