Horace Greenhilt
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Eugene Greenhilt† (son)
Sara Greenhilt† (daughter-in-law)
Roy Greenhilt (grandson)
Eric Greenhilt† (grandson)
Julia Greenhilt (granddaughter)

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Spellsplinter Maneuver

Horace Greenhilt was the father of Eugene Greenhilt and the grandfather of Roy, Eric and Julia Greenhilt, as well as a legendary fighter known as a great hero of his time. His deeds include killing the red and green dragons of Reddragonville and saving Princess Damsel. The many stories of his heroics inspired his grandson Roy to become a fighter himself, although the man did not learn it until his daughter-in-law, Sara had died.

Horace and Eugene had a tumultuous relationship; Horace has stated that he tried to get close to Eugene when the latter was still young, but his son treated him much as he would later do to Roy, browbeating him about a perceived lack of intellect and being generally unpleasant. During Roy's temporary death he and Horace spend time together, and are shown to get along better and have more in common than either did with Eugene.

In death, Horace resides at the third level of Paradise, though he descends to visit Sara and Eric on occasion. He still carries a version of the Greenhilt Sword due to its significance in his life. During Roy's rime in Paradise, Horace taught him a number of skills and feats that he had used in life, most notably the Spellsplinter Maneuver, which allowed him to interrupt a caster's spell and was not known by any fighter alive sometime following his death.

The Greenhilt Family
Eric GreenhiltHorace GreenhiltJulia GreenhiltEugene GreenhiltRoy GreenhiltSara Greenhilt
497, 498, 499, 600, 601

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