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Hilgya Firehelm
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Hilgya was a dwarf cleric who worshiped Loki. She was an original member of the Linear Guild.


Early LifeEdit

When younger, her parents arranged for her to marry Ivan, a dwarf from another clan who she had never met before. Unhappy in her marriage, she tried to poison her "cruel" husband (who was actually supportive and loving), but unsuccessful in her attempts (due to the natural Dwarven resistance against poisons), she ran away from the dwarven Homelands.[1]

Dungeon Crawin' FoolsEdit


Eventually she joined the Linear Guild and traveled to the Dungeon of Dorukan. Hilgya went with Durkon, Nale and Elan to the depths of the dungeon in order to activate the rune associated with fire.

When the Guild crossed the Order and obtained the Talisman of Dorukan, they escaped flying, however Vaarsuvius cast Dispel Magic against Zz'dtri. Hilgya fell, but her fall was cushioned by a Flumph. Then she cast Sanctuary and protected herself from the pit of monsters, and found Durkon who was immobilized by a spell of Sabine.[2]

The two tried to move and find the others. After spending a romantic night with Durkon separated from the others, she narrated her life's story to Durkon who was shocked, and told her she should return back to her husband as it is her duty. Durkon seems to have truly cared for her, but when he found out that she had left her husband, and was still in fact technically married, he rejected her out of his sense of honor and duty, causing her to flee crying.[3]

Current ActivitiesEdit

She has not been seen in the comic since she left Durkon and Nale, abandoning her membership of the Linear Guild. It is possible that she was killed in the explosion of Dorukan's Gate.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hilgya appears, much like Durkon, as a stereotypical dwarf of the nordic miliue in which Order of the Stick places its dwarves. She wears a horned viking helmet and has blond hair in braids.

She worships Loki, God of Flames and Chaos, and so her alignment is presumed to be chaotic evil.

Hilgya's free-spirited attitude and hedonism made her the opposite of the dutiful and unassuming Durkon—as does the fact that the deity she worships appears to be the rival of Durkon's. (Her deity is Loki, and his is Thor, mythologically speaking, they are rivals.)[4] Also Durkon joined the Order of the Stick due to respect and loyalty to Roy, his team leader, and the rest of his group, while Hilgya states that she was never really on the Linear Guild's side, but joined them because Loki wanted her to steal the Talisman of Dorukan as well for other, unknown reasons.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cleric of Loki: Hilgya appeared to have powers similar to Durkon had at the time that they met, when Durkon was 9th level. The most powerful spell she demonstrated was Restoration[2], which required her to be at least 7th level.
  • Dwarven Abilties: She used her Darkvision when exploring with Durkon.[5]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Horned helmet
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Holy Symbol


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