Northern GodsEdit

The Asgardian Pantheon, by contrast with the Southern one, maintains a single, separate High Priest for each of their major Gods, including among them Hoder,[1] Odin,[2] Thor,[3] Loki[4] and Heimdall.[4]

High Priests are formally designated (or perhaps chosen by their patron Gods) and it has been hinted that they are unique for each god at any given time, and usually but not necessarily the most powerful clerics of their patrons.[3]

Most if not all High Priests can invoke avatar proxies of their Patron Gods for manifestation during a Godsmoot.[4]

Southern GodsEdit

The Pantheon of Twelve Earthly Branches seems to keep a single High Priest of the Twelve Gods at any given time, as opposed to the Northern tradition of having separate high priests for each major God.[5]

Until recently, the High Priest operated in Azure City.[6] By the time the Godsmoot is taking place, the successor to the late High Priest has been chosen.[5][2][4]

Western GodsEdit

High Priests of the Western Gods (including Elven high priests) can be seen from the back at the Western Godsmoot.[7]


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