High Priestess of Thor
High Priestess of Thor
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The High Priestess of Thor is a dwarf female cleric who is the formal head of the Church of Thor, having replaced High Priest Hurak three years prior to the Battle of Azure City.[1]

Before becoming High Priestess, she was present at the ordination of Durkon Thundershield as a cleric of Thor.[2]

Durkon Thundershield sent her a letter, though originally intended for High Priest Hurak as he was unaware of his passing, requesting to return from his journey to the dwarven lands. The message was brought to her by Miko Miyazaki of the Sapphire Guard of Azure City, and she wrote him back a response for the paladin to return to him.[3] Unfortunately, Miko was attacked while en route back to Durkon, her bag left behind and the message eaten by the Monster in the Darkness, resulting in Durkon never receiving the message.[1]

However, when she travelled to attend the Northern Godsmoot and the High Priest of Hel introduced himself as "Durkon Thundershield", she recalled the name without remembering from where.[4] After the fight that ended with the High Priest abdicating in favor of one of his spawns, she attempted to strike him down with Thor's Lightning before he teleported away, though he managed to counterspell her and escaped the moot with three spawns, intending to dominate the heads of the dwarven Council of Clans to influence the vote of the demigod Dvalin, First King of the Dwarves.[5]

Though she could not directly aid or teleport the Order of the Stick to the council, she was able to give Roy Greenhilt the location of the meeting, Firmament, as well as a means to reach it: a sacred runestone that will guide them to a private exit leading to a major temple of Thor, which will allow them to unlock the spells warding the gate. In addition, bearing the mark would prove to the acolytes as the temple that she gave her blessing to their mission.[3]


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