High Priestess of Odin
High Priestess of Odin
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The High Priestess of Odin is a human female cleric who is the formal head of the Church of Odin. As the High Priestess of the head deity of the Asgardian Pantheon, she was the one who headed the Northern Godsmoot. She cast Summon Proxy to allow her god to speak through her, during which time her speech balloons turned yellow, like Odin's.

When the vote resulted in a tie, she ordered the High Priests of the demigods to be brought in to vote.

During the fight that broke out between Roy Greenhilt and the now-former High Priest of Hel, Roy borrowed her spear to use as a ledge to reach the gallery the vampire cleric climbed up to.

When fighting broke out in the Great Nave between Roy and the vampire clerics "Durkon" created from the Creed of the Stone, The High Priestess of Odin did not choose to fight on either side, as did several of the other High Priests, with some choosing to help the vampires and others choosing to fight them.

She remains sequestered at the cathedral on Zenith Peak waiting for the result of the dwarven Council of Clans to break the tie among the demigods.


With 16 strip appearances, the High Priestess of Odin is the second most frequently appearing humanoid character in the comic who does not have a name. The only more frequently appearing nameless characters are Ponchula, the Empress of Blood, the various Demon-Roaches, and the intentionally enigmatic Monster in the Darkness.

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