High Priestess of Hel
High Priestess of Hel
Biographical information
First Comic

994 (Living)
1017 (Vampire)

Last Comic


Physical description

Human Vampire



Hair color

Light Blue (Living)
Bluish Gray (Vampire)

Chronological and political information

Creed of the Stone (former)
Church of Hel



Known masters




Formerly a member of the Creed of the Stone, the High Priestess of Hel is the successor to the vampire spirit inhabiting the body of Durkon Thundershield. She, along with the rest of the Creed of the Stone except for a half-elemental, was killed and raised as a vampire, her soul trapped in her mind like Durkon, the negative spirit inside her driving her actions.

She was appointed High Priestess of Hel when the former High Priest abdicated in order to teleport away with a Teleport Orb in order to dominate the heads of the Dwarven Clans, presumably to influence the vote of the demigod Dvalin. As such, she is under the protection of the rules of the Godsmoot, and couldn't be attacked by Roy Greenhilt, who was only the formal bodyguard of the former High Priest.

Her first formal act as High Priestess was a request to have Malack's Staff returned to her, claiming it to be the property of the Church of Hel and the official regalia of the High Priest. After requesting it to Roy per protocol, he returned it to her, but not before snapping it in half, rendering it useless.


994, 1017, 1018, 1019, 1022

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