High Pressure Front
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 953
Date published 26 May 2014
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"Weather or Not" "Contractual Riders on the Storm"
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"Durkon" weasels his way out of suspicion that he is not the real Durkon.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Bandana: If your vampire is a cleric of Thor, we need him to intercede before this storm tears us apart.
Roy: Yeah, I just... think it might be more complicated than that.
Belkar: It's not complicated, 'cause that's not Durkon.

Panel 2

Cut to inside Durkon's head
Durkon: Ha! Ha!! Yer up tha creek withoutta paddle now, villain!
"Durkon": Shut up.

Panel 3

Durkon: Me friend's may na be able ta tell tha difference—
Durkon: —but mighty Thor 'imself will nae listen to yer pleas!

Panel 4

On deck
Roy: Belkar, we don't have time for you to—
Belkar: Actually, no, this is perfect. Lurky Corpsewhiskers over here should totally have this in the bag.

Panel 5

In Durkon's head
Durkon: Ye c'n pray 'n beg to an' plead to Thor all ye want, 'e's naer gonna listen ta ye.

Panel 6

On deck
Belkar: Why don't you show us how tight you and Thor are these days?
Belkar: Assuming you're still best buds after the whole turned-into-an-unholy-monster thingie?

Panel 7

Durkon: An' when the storm dinnae weaken, wha'll ye say ta tha folks on tha boat?

Panel 8

Belkar: What's the matter? Can't do it?
Belkar: Surely, a cleric of Thor in good standing should have no problem—

Panel 9

In Durkon's head
Durkon: Tha jig is up, parasite! Thar's no way ye can fool a god wit yer sad little ruse!
Durkon: Soon, they'll drive ye outta this body an'—

Panel 10

On deck
"Durkon": Control Weather.

Panel 11

Roy smiles and Belkar is taken aback as Durkon's magic begins to take effect.

Panel 12

In Durkon's head
"Durkon": What? It's on the standard cleric spell list. Geez.

D&D Context Edit

  • Control Weather is a 7th level cleric spell which allows local control of the weather. It is available to all clerics regardless of Domain.

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