Heavy Metals
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 62
Date published 30 April 2004
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"Brother Against Brother" "Together, They're Six Feet of Whoop Ass"
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Haley discovers Sabine's greatest weakness—or at least narrows it down to one of two.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley fires 2 arrows at Sabine. "twang! twang!"
Haley: I *knew* you were evil the whole time! Look at you!
Sabine: Of course! The archfiends sent me to serve as Nale's concubine and advisor. That kid's got serious potential, you know.

Panel 2

2 arrows hit Sabine with another incoming, with no apparent affect. "thunk! thunk!"

Panel 3

Sabine: Eeeeevil potential!
Sabine plucks the arrows out of herself. "pluck!"

Panel 4

Haley (thinking): Eeek! She's got damage reduction! My regular arrows can't hurt her at all!!

Panel 5

Haley holds a blue-flighted arrow and a red-flighted arrow.
Haley (thinking): OK, think, Haley. If she's a demon, she's vulnerable to cold iron. BUT if she's a devil, she's vulnerable to silver.

Panel 6

Haley (thinking): But which is it?? Which one??

Panel 7

Sabine: I think I'm gonna drain a level for each time you've called me a skank.
Sabine: Ah, who am I kidding, I'm gonna drain them all anyway.
Sabine: Here I come!

Panel 8

Haley: I'm so glad I took Manyshot.

Panel 9

Haley: Eat obscure alchemical metal, fiend-skank!
Haley shoots Sabine with both arrows at once, "TWANG!", "thunk!"

Panel 10

Sabine: That hurt!! Screw this, I'll take my chances with the monsters.

Panel 11

Sabine flies into the distance.
Sabine: But trust me, you haven't seen the last of me, bitch!

Panel 12

Haley: Darn it! She got away! I can't believe I let her get away!

Panel 13

Haley stands there, looking annoyed.

Panel 14

Haley: And I still don't know which arrow hurt her!

D&D Context Edit

  • Demons and devils have damage reduction that can be bypassed by using silver or cold iron, however there are a lot of demons and devils in the game so its often tough to keep track of which particular evil being is a demon and which is a devil. Succubi, like Sabine are demons, therefore their damage reduction is bypassed by cold iron.
  • Manyshot is a Feat that allows a character to shoot more than one arrow at the time (with every additional arrow substantially lowering the chance to hit).

Trivia Edit

  • Heavy Metals are a group of elements in the periodic table that exhibit metallic properties.

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