Healthier Living Through Repression
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 319
Date published 29 May 2006
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"The Move Action of Shame" "Bing Crosby's Got Nothing On Us"
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Haley meets some of the other personifications of her inner self.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Self-Loathing: You suck.

Panel 2

Self-Loathing: You must know that, right? You're a pathetic spineless wuss who—even after I hand you the perfect solution on a silver platter—doesn't have the guts to act on it.
Self-Loathing: How long before you get off your fat ass and resolve this subplot?

Panel 3

Haley: Oh, I got your resolution right here.
Haley: See, I had time to think about this some more last night, and I've decided that I need to change my perspective.
Three new aspects of Haley stand behind her looking at Haley's Self-Loathing.

Panel 4

Self-Loathing: Ah, my old foes...
Self-Loathing: Haley's self-reliance.
Self-Reliance: Darn straight.
Self-Loathing: Haley's optimism.
Optimism: Tee hee!
Self-Loathing: And...hmm, I don't think I know you.

Panel 5

Sense of Humor: I'm the part of Haley's brain that is sick of all this emo crap and wants to get back to comedy.
Sense of Humor: (I'm new.)

Panel 6

Self-Reliance: Haley will undo the speech thing in her own time, in her own way—not by listening to your dubious advice.
Optimism: Yeah! And it will all work out OK in the end, I'm just sure of it.

Panel 7

Sense of Humor: And either way, there's a time an place for wallowing in self-pity, and now? Now isn't it. There's too much fun stuff left to do in the world. Time to move on.

Panel 8

Haley: In other words, it's time for me to get over myself—which means it's time for you to go.
Self-Loathing: Bring it on, imaginary bitches!

Panel 9

Optimism and Anti drama grab Self-Loathing at her shoes and from the back.
Loathing kicks Self-Reliance on the chin, "pow!"

Panel 10

Self-Loathing: He'll never love you!
Self-Loathing: You need me to tell you the truth!
Self-Loathing: You're not really that smart!
Self-Loathing: Maybe your thighs really DO look fat!
Self-Loathing: This is just another type of hiding!

Panel 11

All the imaginary selves vanish, "poof!"

Panel 12

Haley walks away, happier.

Panel 13

Sense of Humor: So...are we getting a punchline, or what?
Haley: Next comic! Geez!

Trivia Edit

  • The part of Haley's brain that "is sick of all this emo crap and wants to get back to comedy", which has been dubbed her Sense of Humor, looks very similar to the new look Haley had after Crystal cut her hair in #610, You're It, and looks exactly the same as Haley looks after she went to a hair stylist in #622. Some of the forum goers consider this a symbolism to Haley's embracing this part of her personality in that story arc.
  • This is the first appearance of Haley as the personification of her Self-Reliance, Optimism and Humor.

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