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Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1088
Date published 3 August 2017
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"Masters Mastering Mastery" "Scents and Cents Ability"
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Durkon recalls a party in his honor, so that "Durkon" can find a place to hide out.

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Panel 1

Vampire with Long Hair: Will you chill?
Gontor: I'll chill when you stop questioning our master!
"Durkon": Actually, she has a good point.
"Durkon": We need a space large enough to get all of our work done, but secluded enough that we won't be disturbed while we refresh our spells.

Panel 2

Cut to Durkon's memory
Durkon: Och, I'm na much for speeches...
Durkon: But I wanted ta thank ye all fer bein' 'ere on me special day.
Durkon: Thar's na way I'da gotten through clerical trainin' without all o' yer help n' support.

Panel 3

Durkon (off-panel): Uncle Thirden, helpin' me wit me mythology.

Panel 4

Durkon (off-panel): Uncle Kandro, teachin' me ta wield a hammer n' shield.

Panel 5

Durkon (off-panel): Aunt Shirra, takin' me ta buy tha hammer n' shield ta practice wit.

Panel 6

Durkon (off-panel): Uncle Hoskin, keepin' me on tha staight n' narrow

Panel 7

Durkon (off-panel): Cousin Logann... helpin' me fall off it, once n' a while.
Logann: Everythin' I learned aboot slackin' off, I learned from Squeaky.

Panel 8

Janna: Hey, don't talk about my master that way!
Thirden: *sigh*
Various: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Durkon: But most of all, Ma.

Panel 9

Durkon: Everyin' she's e'er done's been fer me, ta help me be who I am t'day.
Durkon: And I just want 'er ta know I see it. I love ye, Ma.

Panel 10

Sigdi: Och, enough o' tha mushy stuff! Let's eat!
Unknown #1: Yeah!
Unknown #2: I'm starving
Thirden: Actually, I was hoping to have two servings of the mushy stuff, with butter.
Unknown #3: Ha ha!

Panel 11

Cut back to present time
"Durkon": There's a banquet hall nearby. Should have plenty of space for our purposes.
"Durkon": Follow me.
Gontor: See? Great leader!

Panel 12

Cut to inside Durkon's head
"Durkon": That was awfully easy. This isn't some sort of trick, is it? A false memory?
Durkon: Och, if'n I could show ye stuff tha dinnae happen, I'd've told ye Roy's name was, like, Maurice or sumthin' on Day One.
"Durkon": Hmm. True.

Panel 13

Durkon: Or showed ye Haley refusin' payment while Belkar served soup to orphans. An' Elan did math in tha background!
"Durkon": OK, yes, fine. Point taken.
Durkon: "We need a team name! Let's call ourselves 'Tha Order o' tha Look-Out-Roy-Tha-Vampire's-Na-Really-Durkon!"

Trivia Edit

  • This strip is the latest appearance of several characters:
    • Durkon's cousin, and Shirra's husband, who first appeared in #962.
    • Durkon's Grandfather, Durkon's Uncle, Hoskin's Fiancée, and Shirra's Twins, first appearing in #1086.
    • Janna, Thirden's apprentice, from the previous strip.

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