Haleo & Julelan (subtitle: A StickTales Story) is a short story adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Originally released as a bonus comic for backers to the Order of the Stick 2012 Kickstarter campaign, this 25-page grayscale short story was published for public purchase in an electronic-only format in 2017.


The Thieves' Guild (led by Guildmaster Starshine) and the House of Tarquin are in a struggle for control over the Italian city of Verona. After a street brawl between the two factions is broken up by the Princess of Verona, Tarquin plots to have his son Julelan married off to Parisa, whose ninja clan he intends to have wipe out the Guild.

Tarquin hosts a masquerade party. Starshine's daughter Haleo and some friends sneak into the event, hoping to steal the Rosaline Diamond from Tarquin's wife Sabine. While there, she encounters Julelan and falls in love with him despite his lack of wits. When the Thieves are detected and flee the scene, Haleo doubles back to secretly meet Julelan again, and they make out. The next day, Friar Thundershield marries the couple in a secret ceremony.

Tarquin's other son Nybalt confronts Haleo over the break-in at the party. Haleo refuses to fight Nybalt, as they are now in-laws, leading Haleo's friend Vaarcutio to fight Nybalt instead. When Haleo tries to break up the fight, Nybalt Dominates her and makes her fatally stab Vaarcutio. She retaliates by killing him with four shots to the back, then flees. The Princess places Haleo under sentence of death. Before leaving Verona, Haleo sneaks into Julelan's room for one last night.

When Julelan learns that his father has confirmed his marriage to Parisa, he runs to ask Friar Thundershield for a time machine to escape the marriage. The friar instead gives Julelan a potion to fake his death with, after which he can flee Verona. Unfortunately the message informing Haleo of the plot fails to reach her, and she receives only the news that her husband is dead.

Haleo buys a bottle of poison and sneaks into the Tarquin family tomb, hoping to die beside Julelan. She runs into Parisa, who blames Haleo for Julelan's death and attacks her. Haleo freezes Parisa with her Icy Burst bow and makes her way through various challenges into the crypt. She drinks the poison next to Julelan's body and collapses.

Julelan awakes to find Haleo apparently dead. Wishing to die with her, he tries to stab himself with her dagger, which requires many attempts as it only does 1d4 damage. Julelan's resulting yells of pain wake up Haleo, who made her Fortitude save against the poison. Now reunited, the two lovers flee Verona to start a new life, pursued by both the Tarquinites and the Guild.


The story is framed as a tale Elan tells to Haley in order to kill time between when they return to their room at the Palace of Blood in #741 and before the state dinner Tarquin threw in Elan's honor in starting in #742. Elan suggests several stories he could tell to entertain them, ultimately settling on the tale of Haleo and Julelan (after Haley tells him to come up with something without Roy in it). The events of the tale itself are not part of the overall continuity.




Les StickerablesEdit

Roy Greenhilt as Roy Valroy
Xykon as Xavert

Roy QuixoteEdit

Roy Greenhilt as Roy Quixote
Durkon Thundershield
Solt's Donkey

Gone with the Wind ElementalEdit

Roy Greenhilt

Haleo and JulelanEdit

in order of appearance

Yikyik as a House of Tarquin loyalist
Thog as himself
Crystal as Crystalthazar
Jenny as a Thieves' Guild member
Hank as Henry the One-Half
Lien as a fish merchant
Mr. Jones as a lawyer
Phil Rodriguez as a lawyer
Inkyrius as a baker
Fruit Pie the Sorcerer as a fruit merchant
Village man as a dirt farmer
Village woman as a dirt farmer
Celia as Bencelio
Nale as Nybalt
Ian Starshine as Guildmaster Starshine
Lockpicking Thief as a Thieves' Guild member
Tarquin as Tarquin of the House of Tarquin
Sabine as Tarquin's wife
Soul Muncher as itself
Chuck as a Thieves' Guild member
Zz'dtri as a House of Tarquin loyalist
Empress of Blood as Princess of Verona
Haley Starshine as Haleo
Therkla as Parisa
Banjo the Clown as Julelan's Nurse
Elan the Bard as Julelan
Vaarsuvius as Vaarcutio
Gourntonk as party guest
Amun-Zora as party guest
Penelope as party guest
Ice King as party guest
A Slave Waiter as party waiter
Kilkil as party guest
Leeky Windstaff as party guest
Xykon as party guest
Yokyok as party guest
Hilgya Firehelm as party guest
Robot as party guest
The Shadowdancer as party guest
Vector Legion Fighter as party guest
Enor as party guest
Malack as party guest
Laurin Shattersmith as party guest
Miron Shewdanker as party guest
Pompey as party guest
Jacinda as party guest
"Kaboom" Redaxe as party guest
Turban-wearing Caster as party guest
Gannji as party guest
Seven Empire of Blood Soldiers as House of Tarquin Soldiers
Six Other Party Guests
Grand Larceny Prisoner as party guest
Tsukiko as band leader
Four Wights as the band
Moon God as himself
Durkon Thundershield as Friar Thundershield
Blackwing as the Lark
Flumphs as two musicians
Hieronymous Grubwiggler as the apothecary
Belkar Bittlerleaf as Friar Thundershield's messenger
Mr. Scruffy as his cat
Three Skeletons as crypt guards
Elan's Ancestor as crypt guard