Grueling Ordeal
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 549
Date published 16 April 2008
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"His Most Despicable Act Yet" "+1 BFF"
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O-Chul and the Monster in the Darkness bond over beef stew and gruel.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Two hobgoblins throw O-Chul into a cage next to the Monster in the Darkness's box, "KLANG!"

Panel 2

They slam the door, "SLAM!"
Monster in the Darkness: Welcome back, Mr. Stiffly!
O-Chul: Thank you.
O-Chul: And I have told you many times, my real name is O-Chul.
Monster in the Darkness: Oh, right. I'll try to remember that, Mr. Stiffly.

Panel 3

Monster in the Darkness: Hey, did you get any new scars today?
O-Chul: I do not believe so, no.
Monster in the Darkness: Oh well. Better luck next time, right?
O-Chul: I suppose.

Panel 4

Monster in the Darkness: They served dinner while you were gone. Tonight's meals are—
O-Chul: A big bucket of beef stew for you, and a small bowl of watery gruel for me.
Monster in the Darkness: Yup!

Panel 5

Monster in the Darkness: So, up for the usual trade?
O-Chul: My gruel for a scoop from your bucket? If you are willing, though I never understand why you would WANT to trade for gruel.

Panel 6

Monster in the Darkness: Well, I like gruel. And you don't.
Monster in the Darkness: So if we trade, I get two things I like, and you get one thing you like. That way, everybody ends up happy.

Panel 7

Monster in the Darkness: I'll pretty much eat whatever they feed me anyway. Except babies.
O-Chul: Excuse me??
Monster in the Darkness: Oh, I don't eat babies. Or kids. And that includes veal. It just feels... weird.

Panel 8

Monster in the Darkness: Don't get me wrong, Xykon is like, ALWAYS trying to feed me live children. I think he thinks it'll make me scarier or something.
Monster in the Darkness: But mostly, I just push them around my plate for a while and then scrape them in the trash when he's not looking.

Panel 9

A alley with a trashcan and garbage bags
Kid in a Trashcan: Hello?
Kid in a Trashcan: Mommy?

Panel 10

Monster in the Darkness: How about you? Anything you won't eat?
O-Chul: Well I was going to express a dislike of squid, but I guess babies top my list as well.

Panel 11

Monster in the Darkness: Awesome! We should totally start a secret No-Baby-Eating club! And Tsukiko can't join!
O-Chul: Tsukiko eats babies?!?
Monster in the Darkness: No, silly, she's a girl. Girls can't join!

Panel 12

Monster in the Darkness: Haven't you ever belonged to a secret club before?
O-Chul: Once. But it allowed girls.
Monster in the Darkness: Really? How did that work out?
O-Chul: Quite well.
O-Chul: With one unfortunate exception.

Trivia Edit

  • The "club" O-Chul is referring to is of course the Sapphire Guard, with the girl in question being Miko Miyazaki.
  • MitD met when he was paralyzed and thrown from the castle and landed in MitD's tea party in #463. He first began calling him Mr. Stiffly in #475.

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