Greenhilt Family

Current Head

Roy Greenhilt

Notable Members

Horace Greenhilt
Eugene Greenhilt
Sara Greenhilt
Roy Greenhilt
Eric Greenhilt
Julia Greenhilt



Greenhilt is the surname of a family of human origin presumed to be from the mercantile city-state of Cliffport. The family is named after their ancestral weapon of the same name, which was notably wielded by Horace Greenhilt when he vanquished the dragons of Reddragonville and saved Princess Damsel. During Eugene Greenhilt's lifetime, he swore a Blood Oath to defeat the sorcerer Xykon, which has been passed on to his children Roy and Julia after his death. The current head of the family is Eugene's son Roy, who wields the family's ancestral sword and leads the adventuring group known as the Order of the Stick in efforts to stop Xykon and those who would attempt to use the gates containing the Snarl.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Horace Greenhilt: Father of Eugene, grandfather of Roy, Eric and Julia. Dragon slayer of Reddragonville and savior of Princess Damsel. Earliest known wielder of the Greenhilt Sword. Currently resides at the third level of Paradise.
  • Eugene Greenhilt: Son of Horace, husband to Sara and father of Roy, Eric and Julia. Has been awarded at least three Wizzie awards for Best Illusionist during his lifetime. Unlike his father who was a fighter, Eugene became a wizard instead, specializing in illusions. He swore a Blood Oath to avenge his master by defeating the sorcerer Xykon. Currently locked out of Paradise due to having foregone his oath.
  • Sara Greenhilt: Wife to Eugene, mother to Roy, Eric and Sara. Currently resides in Paradise along with her son Eric.
  • Roy Greenhilt: First son of Eugene and Sara, current head of the family and wielder of the Greenhilt Sword. Leader of the Order of the Stick.
  • Eric Greenhilt: Second son of Eugene and Sara. Was accidentally killed at a young age by his father's experimentations. Currently resides in Paradise along with his mother Sara.
  • Julia Greenhilt: Daughter of Eugene and Sara. Currently studying at Warthog's School of Wizardry and Sorcery in Cliffport, where she was kidnapped by the Linear Guild in an attempt to draw out the Order of the Stick.
The Greenhilt Family
Eric GreenhiltHorace GreenhiltJulia GreenhiltEugene GreenhiltRoy GreenhiltSara Greenhilt

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