Grand Theft Identity
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 362
Date published 18 October 2006
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"Framing the Picture" "I Fought the Law"
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Nale is accepted as one of The Order, while Elan is arrested for Nale's crime.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan (off-panel): Whuh? What's goin' on, guys?
Rookie: That's the killer, men! Take him down, no mercy!

Panel 2

The black officer bull rushes Elan and the and female officer jumps through the air. The black officer crashes onto Elan, sending skulls and the Chief's head flying, "POW!"

Panel 3

Elan: No, wait, there's been some sort of mis—
The officer whacks Elan in the face, "whack!"
Cop with Black Skin: The only mistake I see is you thinking you could get away with murder, you cop-killing piece of crap!

Panel 4

Thog bisects an officer, "schquirlkt!" and kicks another in the face.
Thog: yay, resisting arrest is fun!
Rookie: Don't worry citizen, you're safe now.
Nale: But he said he was going to summon a demon to eat my soul!
Rookie: A spellcaster too, eh?

Panel 5

Rookie (off-panel): GAG 'IM!
Elan is gagged by the woman cop.

Panel 6

Roy enters, being pushed through the door by Haley.
Roy: Haley, cut it out, stop pushing—
Roy: WHOA!

Panel 7

Roy: Now Nale's evil plan makes sense. It's just like Sabine said, he was looking for a sacrifice, only it was Elan, not me.
Roy: Look at this place, it's like a heavy metal album cover in here!

Panel 8

Nale (thinking): OK, focus, Nale. This is it, the moment of truth. In one instant, Greenhilt will look at you and notice all the discrepancies...
Nale (thinking): But you've been practicing for weeks now... You have the perfect words to convince him that you are Elan.

Panel 9

Nale (thinking): You have an answer for every possible line of inquiry. You will convince him, via sheer willpower, of your identity.
Nale (thinking): This will be your finest moment as an evil mastermind. Let the verbal game of cat and mouse commence!

Panel 10

Nale: Roy, I'm—
Roy: No time, Elan! We need to help those cops subdue Thog.

Panel 11

Nale: You know, where I'm from, a little suspicion about one's true identity is considered good manners.
Belkar: Hey, Elan.
Belkar: Looks like somebody isn't getting their security deposit back...

D&D Context Edit

  • A Bull Rush attack, such as made by the cop against Elan is a charging attack that also pushes the target back.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the CPPD Chief. He first appeared in #339.
  • This is the final appearance of the CPPD Cop with Brown Hair, who first appeared in the previous strip.

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