Size Metropolis
Government Theocracy
Ruler Prime Minister Jirix[1]
Races Hobgoblins (93%)[2], Goblins, BugbearsOrcs, Ogres, Xvarts, Gnolls (including Flinds), Trolls, Lycanthropes, Minotaurs. Orogs, Medusas, Sligs, Grimlocks, Lamias, Hill Giants, Ettins, Yakfolk, Ettercaps, Half-orcs, others

Gobbotopia is the city built on the remains of the battle scarred Azure City. It was founded by the high priest of the Dark One in 1184 [2] six weeks short of one year after the goblins conquered Azure City) to become a capital city for goblinoids of all colors, and a stepping stone for improving the lives of all goblins and other creatures typically scorned by other civilizations.

Gobbotopia's national flag is a red banner with four stars on it, one raised above the other three. It can be assumed three lower stars represent the colors of all goblinoids (orange, green, and brown) while the violet star represents the Dark One.[2]

Its population is mainly goblinoids (Goblins , Bugbears and Hobgoblins - Hobgoblins make up 93% of its permanent population), but Gobbotopia also welcomes "all disenfranchised humanoids" .

  • National Bird: Turkey Vulture
  • National Flower: Yellow Musk Creeper
  • National Sport: Red Rover
  • National Motto: “Screw you suckers, it’s OUR turn now!”
  • National Anthem: “The Blood-Splattered Banner"

The blood splattered banner starts like this:

"O, say can you see

in the darkness of night

Who so proudly we killed

at the twilights last gleaming?

Whose blue shirts and bright swords

thru the perilous fight

O'er the parapets we saw

And to whom we gave a reaming..."

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Gobbotopia has its borders recognized by seventeen nations, including Cliffport, which has economic interests as a motivation. It is however opposed by Elven groups, allied with remnants of the Azure City Paladins whose grounds they now occupy.<ref name="C0702" /><ref>Comics 705-708</ref>


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Southern Continent
Azure City Area
Cyan Peninsula (Gobbotopia/Azure City · Cerulean River · Cobalt Bay · Depressed Hills · Gulf Bay · Road Valley · Robinsegg · Valley River) · Blue River · Blueriver Fort · Concave Mountains · Southern Mountains (Perilous Path of Crushing Doom · Tower of Xykon · Gorge Ravine · Hobgoblin City · Hidden Valley) · Sunken Valley (Lickmyorangeballshalfling) · Realm of the Dragon (Peripheral Frontier) · Ghostlands

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