Girard's Gate
Area Great Barren Desert

Girard's Gate is the snarl rift guarded by the illusionist Girard Draketooth of the Order of the Scribble in the Western Desert. Girard protected it by countless illusions, and with the aid of his direct desecendants.

During the quest for the Gates, the Order of the Stick visited the Oracle. Roy worded his question carefully, to keep the Oracle from being too ambiguous; however he ended up making it too precise, eliminating Xykon's actual next target (Soon's Gate and the Azure City) from consideration and thus the Order was mistakenly led to believe that Girard's Gate was Xykon's current destination, which actually would be his next.

Later, Lord Shojo intended to resurrect a dead Wizard to teleport the Order to Girard's Gate, however the Battle of Azure City begun.

3 months after the battle and the breaking of the Order, they were finally reunited again with Hinjo's forces. The Order decided to leave them behind and visit the Western Continent. Making their way to the co-ordinates for the Gate given to them by Lord Hinjo, the Order, upon arrival, searched the area extensively, accidentally activating a pre-recorded image of Girard himself, who, believing them to be either Soon or a party of his "fascist Paladin lackeys" claimed that the supplied location was false, and that the Gate was somewhere else altogether. Guessing that Girard would need supplies from the nearest local city, and hoping that the Gate truly was someplace in the same desert, the Order Of The Stick traveled to the Empire Of Blood. They were rewarded by a lead from Elan's father Tarquin. Tarquin led them to Girard's family in Windy Canyon, and after some searching, the Order found the entire Draketooth Clan dead. Further searching revealed that they had died by Vaarsuvius's Familicide spell, but did not reveal the Gate. Durkon tried some non-evil necromancy in order to discern the location of the gate, but the dead Draketooths refused to cooperate: his Resurrection spell simply failed, and the Speak With Dead spell was thwarted when the corpse gave unhelpful answers.

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