Get the Lead Out
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 281
Date published 13 February 2006
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Belkar demonstrates another use for his lead sheet.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Miko walks through a courtyard in the castle.
Miko: Hiding in Lord Shojo's garden this time, coward?

Panel 2

Miko: Aha! I've got you this time. And just to be sure...
Miko: Detect Evil!

Panel 3

Belkar blocks Miko's detect evil with his lead sheet.
Miko: The lead sheet?
Miko: Ba! It doesn't matter now, it didn't prevent me from finding you.
Belkar: True. Luckily, it's a multipurpose lead sheet.

Panel 4

Miko: What possible other purpose could a big lead—

Panel 5

Belkar hits Miko over the head with the lead sheet.

Panel 6

Belkar: Oh man, that was TOTALLY worth lugging that thing around, Small-size penalties to carrying capacity or not!
Belkar: Now get up so I can—

Panel 7

Belkar: Huh.
Belkar: Well, crap.
Belkar: Now THAT'S not going to be any fun, is it?

Panel 8

Belkar waits.

Panel 9

Belkar: Hey, Miko, you don't mind if I drink this potion of Cure Critical Wounds I found on you that you were clearly saving, right?
Belkar: Thanks.

Panel 10

Belkar's wounds are now gone.

Panel 11

Belkar: BORED!

Panel 12

Belkar throws his dagger at Miko, "bonk!", waking her up.
Belkar: Hey, wake up, Snow White! It's me, the 8th dwarf, "Stabby".
Miko: ...whuh?
Belkar: Prince Charming ain't coming, get your fat ass up already.

Panel 13

Miko: You may have stunned me momentarily, but I'll never die that easily!
Belkar: Less talk, more standing up, please.

Panel 14

Miko resumes chasing Belkar.
Belkar: See, this is more like it now.
Miko: What did you say?
Belkar: I said, "I'm looking forward to cutting out your pancreas, you fascist cow."

D&D Context Edit

  • Small-sized races, like halflings, have only 3/4th of the carrying capacity of medium sized creatures. Belkar, it should be noted, is fairly strong, offsetting this to some extent.
  • Paladins gain the ability to Detect Evil freely.

Trivia Edit

  • This panel puts a new twist on the running gag of the lead sheet.
  • The title, "Get the Lead Out", is an old idiom meaning to "hurry up" or "move faster", implying that the person needing to get the lead out has lead in their shoes or pants. "Get the Led Out" is also the name of a period of dedicated Led Zepplin radio play on a number of radio stations, including WAAL who has been using this line for some time.

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