The five Gates created by the Order of the Scribble contained the Snarl. The gates were created by using both epic arcane and divine magic which (as hinted by Redcloak) could take as long as decades to research, making it nearly impossible to recreate if destroyed.

The GatesEdit

Lirian's GateEdit

Main article: Lirian's Gate

Lirian's Gate was the gate that held the Snarl trapped, built by Lirian in the Elven Lands with the help of the forest creatures. It was accidentally destroyed by Redcloak in his first attempt to harness the power of the Gates.

Dorukan's GateEdit

Main article: Dorukan's Gate

Dorukan's Gate was built by (well) Dorukan in the Redmountain Hills to seal the largest of the rifts made by the Snarl. This he did with the most powerful sigils he could imagine, which were in turn protected by his keep, the Dungeon of Dorukan. It was (accidentally) destroyed by Elan during the Order of the Stick's first attempt to destroy Xykon and free Eugene Greenhilt's soul from the blood oath he swore to avenge his master's death at Xykon's hands.

Soon's GateEdit

Soon's gate
Main article: Soon's Gate

Soon's Gate is the Snarl rift defended by Soon Kim. As he believed in nothing more than the power of honor, truth and loyalty, he enlisted the noblest samurai of Azure City to join him as his Paladins. He named his fighting force the Sapphire Guard, for the fist-sized sapphire that sealed the rift and adorned the throne of Azure City. It was destroyed by Miko Miyazaki in an ill-conceived attempt to deny it to Xykon's invasion forces during the Battle of Azure City.

Girard's GateEdit

Main article: Girard's Gate

Girard's Gate is the Snarl rift guarded by the illusionist Girard Draketooth of the Order of the Scribble in the Great Barren Desert on the Western Continent. Girard hid his desert gate behind an endless series of cunning illusions, relying on the power of deception to protect the gate. It was destroyed by Roy Greenhilt, who cracked the crystal with his starmetal sword. He did this to deny it to Xykon (who arrived at Girard's pyramid just in time to witness the gate's destruction firsthand) and Tarquin.

Kraagor's GateEdit

Main article: Kraagor's Gate

Kraagor's Gate is the Snarl rift protected by Kraagor's beloved, Serini Toormuck. It lies near the northern polar ice cap, at the bottom of a tomb Serini filled with the nastiest monsters in the world, to reflect Kraagor's belief in the power of physical might. It is currently the last gate left intact, as the other four have all been destroyed. It's hidden in massive complex which consists of dozens, if not hundreds of separate "tombs" filled with extremely powerful monsters. The complex itself is built with multidimensional stone, which apparently prevents anyone from passing through the wall so the only way to reach the gate is to fight through the small army of monsters.

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