The Free City of Doom was an independent state of the Western Continent[1] allied to the Empire of Blood[2], bordering the Empire of Tears.

Seven months before the current arc, the "Weepies" of the Empire of Tears started besieging the City. Tarquin promised Captain Amun-Zora that he would sent 500 dragoons to join them in battle. True to his word, the dragoons came... and joined the Weepies. The city was taken by the Empire of Tears,[3] and presumably remains in their control as of the current time of the Order of the Stick comic.

It has been implied[4] that the Empire of Sweat is likely to invade the Free City of Doom by its turn, nominally to liberate it from the Weepies, but in practice to annex it to itself—all according to the plans of Tarquin and his Vector Legion.

It is possible that events in the mean time have transpired to thwart these plans, given the efforts of Ian Starshine, Amun-Zora, Gannji and Enor, who have allied to resist the plots of the Vector Legion.[5]


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