Flying Low
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1072
Date published 24 May 2017
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"Never Failed Him Before" "Catching Up"
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Andi's poor decisions as captain leave the Mechane stranded.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Mateo: Uh, Andi, we got a problem. The ridge we scraped—
Andi: No, I said go back to where we turned not the ridge.

Panel 2

Mateo: Yeah, I know, but the ridge was after the turn, which means we need to go back over it first.
Andi: Will you get to the point?

Panel 3

Carol: His point is that we lost a bunch of lift after we just barely made it over the ridge the first time!
Carol: It's way above us now!

Panel 4

Zoom out to show the Mechane well below the ridge, hemmed in by mountains.
Andi: So then... where are we supposed to go?
Bandana: Nowhere! There's no way through!
Bandana: We're trapped!

Panel 5

Zoom back in to the quarterdeck
Andi: No, there's got to be a way.
Bandana: Why? Why does there gotta be a way, Andi? No reason at all, unless you think things're supposed t'be fair.

Panel 6

Bandana: The lower we sink, the fewer paths are open to us, seenin' how mountains're fatter at the bottom than the top!
Bandana: Would they've bothered making a pass if it was easy to just fly through at any altitude?

Panel 7

Andi: Will you stop it?? It is so obnoxious for you to sit there and just criticize me without offering solutions!
Bandana: I guess we'll put self-awareness' on the list of stuff we're running short on, right after lift gas, and options.
Bandana: And licks of common sense.

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