Flank Cut
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 618
Date published 27 December 2008
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"Power Meeting" "Wow, That's a Spicy Meatball!"
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Haley's increased combat effectiveness stymies Bozzok's attempt to flank her.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Bozzok: So, Starshine, once again we're—
Haley: Yeah, OK, can we skip the combat dialogue? I'm trying not to get distracted this time.

Panel 2

Bozzok: Not a problem with me, I only have two words to say to you anyway—
Bozzok: Sneak Att—

Panel 3

Haley turns and Manyshots two arrows into Bozzok's flanking helper, "fft! fft!"
Haley: Oh my gods. I've done that "two words" gag like 9 times already!
Haley: You're going to need to get some fresher material if you want to be a villain in this story.
Haley: Not MUCH fresher, but still.

Panel 4

Bozzok hits Haley with his sword, "slash!"
Bozzok: Damn it!
Haley: Ooo, I take it back! Those are a different two words.

Panel 5

Another rogue approaches Haley's flank.
Bozzok: Ah, here we go.
Bozzok: Snea—

Panel 6

Haley kills the flanking rogue without looking, "fft!", while Bozzok hit Haley, "slash!"
Bozzok: DAMN IT!! Stop killing my flankers in the middle of my swing!!
Haley: Poor Bozzie can't get a—OW!!—Sneak Attack, huh?

Panel 6

Bozzok: I'm still hitting you for regular bastard sword damage every time!
Bozzok hits Haley, "slash!", as Haley kills two more flanking helpers, "fft! fft!"
Haley: Don't need to—UGH! I just need to keep it up until—

Panel 7

Another rogue approaches and is shocked by the pile of corpses.

Panel 8

Haley: —right now.
Rogue: Screw this! I've only got 14 hit points!

Panel 9

Haley: The moment when they stop being willing to run into certain arrowy death to help out a guy who takes half their earnings.
Bozzok: Where are you going??
Bozzok: Come back here and die for my fleeting tactical advantage!!!

Panel 10

Haley: So...ready to end this, Bozzok?
Bozzok: Fine...we can finish this battle WITHOUT any flankers!
Belkar and Mr. Scruffy enter.
Belkar: Hey, now. Let's not be hasty.

D&D Context Edit

  • Haley uses the Manyshot Feat to shoot two arrows at once at an attacker.
  • A rogue can execute a Sneak Attack for extra damage when catching the target unawares, or when Flanking an opponent. Since Haley is aware of Bozzok she must be flanked by another opponent in order for him to use his Sneak Attack ability. But Haley simply kills each flanker before Bozzok strikes, making his attacks just normal attacks with no extra damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flank steak is a cut of meat from the abdomen or buttocks of a cow. A Flanking maneuver is a military tactic whereby an attacker seeks to move around their opponent to gain advantage, a tactic codified in the D&D rules for combat facing and flanking.

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