Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 369
Date published 4 November 2006
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"All Along the Watchtower" "Kills 'Em Every Time"
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Unwanted visitors enter the Watchtower by force. Miko has to fight for her life.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Redcloak and Xykon are outside the Watchtower's gate.
Xykon: OK, enough with the subtle method. Time to try the direct approach.
Redcloak: That's not the "Redcloak dresses in drag" plan, right?
Xykon: We'll save that for another time. Just blast the door open.
Demon-Roach: Candygram.

Panel 2

Redcloak blasts the door open.

Panel 3

Redcloak enters through the gate and looks surprised at Miko.
Redcloak: A paladin of the Sapphire Guard? Here???
In response, both the Watchtower Guard and Miko looks surprised at Redcloak .
Watchtower Guard: We're under attack!!
Miko: The bearer of the Crimson Mantle? Here???

Panel 4

Miko and Redcloak jump at each other to engage in a fight.
Miko & Redcloak: DIE!!!

Panel 5

Miko slashes at Redcloak, "slash! slash! slash! slash! slash!"
Miko: Abomination! You and your foul god shall never succeed!
Miko: Smite Evil!

Panel 6

Redcloak casts a spell on Miko.
Redcloak: Allow me to relay my deity's succinct retort: HARM!
Miko: ARRRGH!!

Panel 7

Miko kicks Redcloak in the face, "thunk!", while performing a backflip.
Redcloak: Ooof!

Panel 8

Miko Lays on Hands to heal herself.
Miko: If the Crimson Mantle is this close to Azure City, then the gate is in danger... I must warn—

Panel 9

Redcloak casts another spell on Miko.
Redcloak: Excuse me, I wasn't done yet. I have a few more choice words.
Redcloak: Here's one now:
Redcloak: Destruction!
Miko: Twelve Gods, protect me!
Redcloak: Now, Sir! Zap her with something while she's weak!

Panel 10

Miko picks up her sword while Redcloak turns around, looking for Xykon.
Redcloak: ...
Redcloak: Sir?

Panel 11

Xykon is seated, placing bets with a Demon-roach, while another Demon-roach is holding a small sign saying 'Round 3' and another Demon-roach is dinging a boxing bell, "DING!"
Xykon: I'll put 200 gp on the wacky kung-fu chick on Round 6, K.O.
Miko slashes at Redcloak in the face.
Redcloak : GAAAAH!!
Xykon: Make that Round 4.
Demon-Roach: Pleasure doin' business wit' ya.
MitD is eating popcorn while holding a REDCLOAK #1 glove
MitD: Go the distance Redcloak! Go the distance!

D&D Context Edit

  • In the second panel, Redcloak likely uses the 2nd level spell Shatter to destroy the door. This is an unusual case where a caster casts a spell without shouting the spell name, as is the convention in this comic.
  • Smite Evil is a special ability of Paladins to cause extra damage against Evil creatures.
  • Harm is a 6th level spell which causes 10 points of damage per level, up to 150 hp, though it cannot reduce a creature below 1 hp.
  • Destruction is a 7th level cleric spell which causes instant death on a failed Fortitude Saving Throw, or else 10d6 points of damage.
  • "gp" stands for Gold Pieces, a standard coin in D&D.

Trivia Edit

  • To Go the Distance in boxing means to fight a full bout without being knocked out, necessitating a victory by the decision of the judges.
  • This is the first appearance of the Demon-Roach bookie, a distinct character from the other Demon-Roaches.

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