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Comic no. 507
Date published 23 November 2007
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The Azurites and the Order put down the scrag attack, but fail to properly dispose of the bodies.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon: Izzit me, or does this boat seem to get attacked by monsters WAY too often?
Vaarsuvius: I believe that is why they have been dubbed, "Random Encounters," rather than "Statistically Probable Encounters."

Panel 2

Durkon: Aye, I guess, but this month alone we've fought locathah, sahuggin[sic], merrows, an' now sea trolls.
Durkon: It's like Aquatic Subtype's Greatest Hits 'round 'ere.

Panel 3

Vaarsuvius: I fail to see the problem. More encounters leads to more experience, which leads to a higher level—and a greater chance of defeating whatever effect is impeding my scrying effors.[sic]

Panel 4

Lien: Easy for you to say, you're already high level. But we're losing good men and women with each attack.
Durkon: Aye, lass, we know. These two've been killed an' cooked, how else can we help?

Panel 5

Lien: Two fishing vessels sailing off the port stern have troll borders as well.
Lien: Can you handle them and heal any wounded citizens?
Durkon: Aye, we'll take care o' it.
Vaarsuvius: Fly.

Panel 6

Durkon: Uh...which side is—
Lien: For the five hundredth time, port is THAT way.
Durkon: Sorry.
Durkon: It's na something ye really think'll come up too much when yer a dwarf...

Panel 7

Lien: Lord Hinjo, are you OK?
Hinjo: Yeah, we just killed the last of them.
Elan: This wedding is now troll-free!

Panel 8

Hinjo: I'm confused though, I remember reading that trolls could heal all of their wounds—even from death—unless you used fire or acid to kill them.
Elan: Yeah, we just stabbed them a lot and they fell over.

Panel 9

Lien: That's because these were scrags. Aquatic trolls.
Lien: They only regenerate when immersed in water.

Panel 10

Lien: What did you guys do with the troll's corpses, anyway?
Hinjo: ...
Elan: We dumped them overboard.

Panel 11


Panel 12

An exact repeat of the troll attack panel from #505

D&D Context Edit

  • Random encounters are encounters with monsters or other things, usually during travel or within a dungeon, which are not planned by the DM, but rather occur randomly by rolling on a table of random encounters or some other probabilistic method.
  • Sahaugin, locathah and merrows are all humanoid races of aquatic monsters.
  • Vaarsuvius, who usually announces the spell V is using, is probably using 1st level Burning Hands to dispatch the scrags. V's laments about the effortlessness at which the Order can defeat the skirmishes probably means that V isn't gaining XP from them because they're too easy to dispatch.
  • Fly is a 3rd level flight granting flight to the subject.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a pun on "role-playing game".
  • Aboard ships, "port" is the left side of the ship and "starboard" is the right side, as defined by a person facing towards the bow, or front, of the ship.
  • This is the final appearance of the Fleeing Wedding Guests, who first appeared doing the exact same thing in #505.

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