Explosive Runes

Explosive Runes in Reading is Fundamental, It Is Always Exactly Where They Intend It to Be and Recycling Works. Note that most of the explosions have the exact same art, 660 has an updated version.

Explosive runes is a spell which the Wizard Vaarsuvius frequently uses to get revenge on people who annoy them, or get too close (Belkar kissed V in 316). It is therefore most frequently used on Belkar Bitterleaf. Vaarsuvius usually uses the spell by writing "I prepared Explosive Runes this morning," or simply "Explosive Runes" in a place where the intended victim is likely to read it. Sometimes they will give the spell to the victim, but they often use a more subtle approach.

List of victims Edit

  • A group of unnamed Goblin Henchmen
  • A stable-gnome
  • Belkar Bitterleaf (who has suffered on no fewer than 15 occasions)
  • Xykon

List of appearences Edit

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