Evil Plans
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 97
Date published 18 August 2004
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"Gate? What Gate?" "Mmmmm...Tasty"
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More of Xykon's plan come to light and the Order of the Stick may soon become tools in it.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Monster in the Darkness: It's not my fault I can't see anything in all this darkness.
Redcloak: I'm sorry, sir, I can't just let this issue go. If you keep sending goblins into—
Xykon: Don't get your panties in a twist, Redcloak.

Panel 2

Xykon: I already know how to unseal the gate. I don't need any more experiments.
Redcloak: What? How??
Xykon: That worthless buffoon Nale told me how. Think about it.

Panel 3

Flashback to Nale's evil speech
Xykon (inset): We were watching him fail to kill the Order of the Stick, when he said:
Nale: ...I knew we needed someone of "pure heart" to use the Sigils...

Panel 4

Xykon: The same wizard who built that gate, Dorukan, made that stupid amulet that Nale wanted.
Redcloak: So it stands to reason that he would use the same sort of sigils to seal of the gate, too. Of course!

Panel 5

Redcloak: But, if you've known all this time, why do you keep sending goblins to their death?
Xykon: Because I'm BORED!

Panel 6

Xykon: The good guys are taking too long to get down here.
Xykon: But I have a plan in motion that will make it all good—in an evil sort of way.

Panel 7

Xykon: Soon, in one masterful stroke, the gate will be unsealed and the Order of the Stick will be crushed!

Panel 8

Redcloak and MitD: BWA HA HA HA HA!

Panel 9

Redcloak: Sir, aren't you going to join us in a hearty evil villain laugh?
Xykon: Um, well, actually...

Panel 10

Xykon: Actually, ever since I became a lich, I haven't been able to get quite the same volume on my evil laughter.
Xykon: Since I technically don't have lungs.
Redcloak: Oh. Right.

Panel 11

Beat. They stare at each other.
Demon Cockroach: cough.

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