Every Couple Has Their Quirks
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 349
Date published 18 September 2006
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"Someone Was Looking For You" "At Least You Get Course Credit"
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Roy probes the nature of Nale and Sabine's relationship, and uncovers new powers in the Greenhilt Sword.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: How do you like your meal now, bitch??
Sabine: I'm finding it, uh, filling but the portions are too, um... small?

Panel 2

Sabine: Look, can we drop the extended "meal" metaphor? It's getting tired.
Roy: Oh, gods, yes. You need to put more ranks in Banter skill anyway.

Panel 3

Sabine: Hey, you know, these wounds actually hurt. I don't suppose that's a starmetal sword there, is it?
Roy: How did you know?

Panel 4

Sabine: Darn it, I knew Nale shouldn't have sent you to Wooden Forest.
Roy: What???

Panel 5

Sabine: Oh, yeah, it turns out that the dwarf blacksmith who told you about the starmetal in the first place? Yeah, that was me, shapeshifted.
Sabine: We were just trying to get you out of the way, though, we didn't think there was really anything there.

Panel 6

Roy hits Sabine, his sword is flaming green.
Sabine: ARRRGH!!

Panel 7

Sabine: I don't know how you did that, but I'll make you pay!
Roy: Actually, I don't either, but it sure was cool...

Panel 8

Sabine: Die, mortal!
Roy: See, now, that would be a lot more threatening if you were wearing a different outfit.

Panel 9

Sabine: Oh, this? This is for Nale.
Sabine: I couldn't imagine anything he'd find more of a turn-on that the sight of me wringing the life out of you while I wore a sexy schoolgirl costume.

Panel 10

Sabine: What can I say? It's hard, but sometimes, I need to make a sacrifice in order to maintain our love.
Roy: Like dressing up for him?

Panel 11

Sabine: No, I meant a literal sacrifice. I have a desecrated altar waiting for your corpse in the next room.
Sabine: We should get like nine months of evil happiness by eating your heart. Twelve, if you're a virgin.

Panel 12

Roy: You people are sick!
Sabine: Ah, but our relationship is healthy!

D&D Context Edit

  • Banter is not a canonical D&D skill.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Roy in #669, he is not a virgin. Also #318 implies intimacy between Roy and Celia.
  • The 38 strips wasted on the starmetal sidequest are presumably #150-188 (which is really 39 strips), though one could argue strips #139-146, were also wasted on that sidequest.

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