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Empire of Tears
Aliases Weepies
Government Monarchy
Ruler The Weeping King (de jure)
Miron Shewdanker and the unnamed member of the Vector Legion (de facto)
Races Humans
Religions Western Pantheon

Inhabitants of the Empire of Tears

The Empire of Tears, along with its rivals Empire of Blood and Empire of Sweat, controls much of the land in the Western Continent. Its current nominal ruler is the Weeping King, ruling from his Throne of Regrets.[1]

Likely since its inception, the Empire of Tears has been unwittingly involved in the schemes of the Vector Legion, mainly by way of the influence of Miron Shewdanker and the yet unnamed sixth member of the Legion over the Weeping King.

In July 1184, the Weepies laid siege to the Free City of Doom.[2] In late 1184 or early 1185 (but prior to the Southern New Year in any case) it invaded the city-state with the help of the Empire of Blood,[3] setting up the stage for its eventual annexation by the Empire of Sweat under pretext of liberation and protection of the city.[4]

However, Amun-Zora learned of those schemes[5] and has allied with Ian Starshine, Gannji and Enor to resist the Vector Legion. They are presumed to be putting into motion Elan's plan to fight Tarquin[6]


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