Elan's Mother
Elan's mother
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A Small Village

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725 (flashback)
889 (as phantasm)

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Chaotic Good

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Tarquin (ex-husband)
Elan (son)
Nale† (son)

—then Teri, you double back and refill the peanut bowls on all the tables where the number of guests is a prime number. Any questions?
  — Elan's mother (Comic 725  

Elan's mother is a Chaotic Good barmaid who married Tarquin and had two children, Elan and Nale.

Biography Edit

Little has been revealed about her outside of what Elan and Tarquin have said, but she seems positive and personable. She lives and works in a small village and is known to sing, garden, and concoct elaborate bar-serving plans.

She was married to Tarquin for a time, but divorced after the births of Elan and Nale. Tarquin made a practice of liquefying all the bar patrons who looked at her (she had assumed he was being figurative) and using them to fertilise her gardens. They fought over custody, and again over visitation. Tarquin considered her 'uncompromising', though Elan assumes she simply wanted to keep him away from his evil father. She gained custody of Elan but was separated from Nale, and was heard crying over losing him. Elan is clearly fond of her and she seems to have been a loving mother, even wearing a fake mustache to take him to father-son picnics. Nale inherited her penchant for over-complicating things.


  • Elan's mother is the character with the longest gap between two appearances in the comics, at 675 strips. She first appeared in #50, but did not make her next appearance until #725.
  • She apparently owns around a dozen pictures of Julio Scoundrél in her bed drawer that she thinks Elan doesn't know about.[1]

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