Elan's Family

Current Head

General Tarquin

Notable Members

Elan's mother



Elan's family is a family of human origin whose surname is unknown.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Tarquin: Father of Elan and Nale, ex-husband of Elan's mother, Tarquin is the High General of the Empire of Blood and the leader of the Vector Legion. A former warlord, he has since taken to acting behind the scenes, planning to conquer the Western Continent with his adventuring group. After divorcing from his first wife, he took Nale to raise as his own taking him with him to the Western Continent. An extremely savvy person with a love for the dramatic, his ultimate goal is to either succeed and becoming a king, or be defeated by his son and become a legend.
  • Elan's mother (Name unknown): Mother of Elan and Nale, ex-wife of Tarquin. A barmaid in a small village in the Northern Continent, she raised Elan on her own after divorcing from her husband. A good-natured woman, she is known to be needlessly complicated in her duties as barmaid, a trait her son Nale inherited.
  • Elan: Twin brother of Nale, son of Tarquin and a barmaid from a small village in the Northern Continent and member of the Order of the Stick. After his parents divorced, he stayed in the small village with his mother. He inherited his outlook from his mother an his love for the dramatic from his father. He is currently in a relationship with the Order's second-in-command, Haley Starshine.
  • Nale: Twin brother of Elan, son of Tarquin and a barmaid from a small village in the Northern Continent. Founder and former leader of the Linear Guild. After his parents divorced, he was taken by his father to the Western Continent where he attempted to form his own kingdom, raising Nale to be ruthless and efficient. After they helped the Empress of Blood conquer a nation for the Empire of Blood, he turned on his father, believing he ought to be crowned instead of the red dragon. He inherited his outlook from his father and his needless over complication from his mother. He was ultimately killed by his own father after having gloated about murdering Malack and refusing his father's protection, and his body was disintegrated by Laurin Shattersmith. He was in a relationship with his second-in-command in the Linear Guild, the succubus Sabine.

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