Easy Come, Easy Go
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 245
Date published 14 November 2005
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"What? It's a Legitimate Magic Item" "Rumors of Her Death"
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The inn explodes, taking Haley's treasure with it.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley and Vaarsuvius are carrying bags of treasure.
Haley: OK, so we drop these off with Elan and then run back for more.

Panel 2

Roy: Thank the gods! You guys are safe. I was worried when I didn't see you outside.
Haley: We had to rescue the treasure. We just walked through the fire with two big heaping bags of—

Panel 3

Haley looks into Vaarsuvius's bag.
Haley: —bottlecaps??
Bottlecap Collector: Did you say, "bottlecaps"?

Panel 4

Bottlecap Collector: I can't believe it! You saved my rare bottlecap collection! And my sister said I was being silly for storing it in the inn's vault!
Bottlecap Collector: Bless you, you brave souls! Bless you!

Panel 5

Haley: Vaarsuvius!
Vaarsuvius: I have a Strength penalty, so I carried the lightest sack. it is not my fault that you did not specify that not all of the bags were ours.

Panel 6

Haley: C'mon! We have to get back to save the rest of the gold!
Roy: Haley, I don't think that's a good idea.
Haley: Why not??

Panel 7

Roy: Because the dwarf had TWO barrels of explosives in his room.

Panel 8

A massive explosion pushes Haley back, "BOOM!"

Panel 9

A single gold piece bounces out of the blast and bounces at Haley's feet, "tink! tink!" Haley stares at the gold piece.
Roy: Are you OK?

Panel 10


Panel 11


Panel 12

Elan (whispering): I think we broke Haley.

D&D Context Edit

  • Vaarsuvius must have a Strength score below 10 if they have a penalty, meaning its a very subpar stat for them. Tables are given in the Player's Handbook for how much a character can carry based on their Strength score.

Trivia Edit

  • This moment begins Haley's long psychological journey with her speaking in cryptograms until #393, a span which covers 148 comics, going into the next book, and over 13 months in real-world time.

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