Dvalin, First King of the Dwarves
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Dvalin, First King of the Dwarves is a demigod of the Asgardian Pantheon.

At the Godsmoot, Dvalin appeared through his High Priest to vote on the destruction of the world after the High Priest of Balder managed to attract their attention due to the disappearance of the ushers. Although he did not wish to condemn his people to Hel's care, he swore an oath in life to consult the dwarven Council of Clans on issues affecting every clan, an oath he continues to respect even in death and deification, pausing the convocation until the heads of the clans could assemble.

Dvaldin's consultations are well known, and it is said that the last time the demigods were called in it took two days for all the heads of the clans to assemble.


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