dispelling the invisibility on the pyramid
Draketooth Pyramid
Ruler Draketooth Family
Population ~22
Races Humans (black dragon ancestry)
Religions Western Pantheon
Imports babies

The Draketooth Pyramid was a large stone pyramid which housed and protected Girard's Gate. It was located in the Windy Canyon. It was destroyed in the explosion that followed the destruction of the gate by Roy Greenhilt in order to keep it out of the control of the lich Xykon.

Built by Girard Draketooth for this purpose, the pyramid outlived the sorcerer, and was administered by his extended clan, all of whom were scions of a black dragon who mated with a human woman. This dragon was Girard's grandfather, and his parents were half-dragons. In order to keep the location of the pyramid a secret, the Draketooth family would mate with humans outside the desert and then abscond with their young progeny back to the pyramid, as in the case of Orrin Draketooth and Penelope. The entire clan was killed in an instant by Vaarsuvius when the elf underwent a Soul Splice with Haerta Bloodsoak who cast her epic Familicide spell.

The pyramid was protected from without by the powerful anti-scrying magic, the winds of the Windy Canyon, and the winding paths of the the Windy Canyon. Even should an explorer find the illusory wall in the canyon which opens to the plain on which the pyramid stands, the pyramid itself was cloaked beneath a spell of invisibility.

Within the pyramid, the top level was devoted to living space for the Draketooth clan. They would maintain the illusions and other magics necessary to keep the pyramid hidden. The second level contained the entrance and the tomb of Girard Draketooth, surmounted by a statue of the sorcerer.

Below this level began a dungeon of trapped passageways, locked doors, and powerful illusions. The approach to the central room which contained the gate was guarded by the most powerful illusion, a phantasm which would cause those in the passageway to imagine they were living out their most desired future. If the person was not able to disbelieve the dream, they would presumably remain in a slumber until they died of dehydration.

Below these passageways were a separate set of passageways for use by the Draketooth family to monitor what was happening above and to maintain the illusions and traps.

The central chamber contained a double bluff: in the room was a large block proclaiming that the gate was in another place. The block was lined with lead, to prevent any spells detecting that the gate actually was inside. This non-magical trick fooled the Linear Guild when they reached the room, but the canny Haley Starshine surmised the ruse, allowing the Order of the Stick to find the gate before Xykon. Xykon arrived just as the pyramid was about to be destroyed.

The destruction of the gate reduced the Draketooth pyramid to a crater, with a rift at the bottom. When investigating the rift, Laurin Shattersmith encountered the Snarl at this location.

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