Draketooth Family

Last Known Head

Orrin Draketooth (presumed)†

Notable Members

Girard Draketooth
Gina Draketooth
Sami Draketooth
Kanta Draketooth
Venna Draketooth
Tiran Draketooth Sr.
Tiran Draketooth Jr.
Dylan Draketooth
Liana Draketooth



Draketooth was the surname of a family of dragon-blood humans descended from a black dragon. One of their more famous members was Girard Draketooth, who along with the Order of the Scribble sought out and sealed five rifts in the world that held back the creature known only as the Snarl. After the Order of the Scribble broke up, Girard left for the Western Continent, where he took the gate in the Windy Canyon to guard along with his family until it was passed on to the next generation following his death, twenty years before the gate's eventual destruction at the hands of Roy Greenhilt.

For 60 years, they watched over the gate, warding it with powerful illusions. However, being cooped up in a pyramid presumably making it difficult to have descendants without inbreeding, some such as Orrin Draketooth would go out and have relationships with other people under an alias, and would later return to the pyramid with the resulting child and the person's gold.

The entire Draketooth family was wiped out along with any with whom they had children after Vaarsuvius' use of the Familicide spell, leaving the pyramid defenseless.

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