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Spoiler Warning!
This article contains spoilers from Start of Darkness and/or On the Origin of PCs
Biographical information
Physical description




Hair color

Light Brown, turned White by age

Chronological and political information

(former) Order of the Scribble




Neutral Good[1]

Dorukan was a wizard. He was the last member to join of the "Order of the Scribble", a party of adventurers determined to seal the rifts in reality created by the Snarl.

Order of the Scribble Edit

Along with Serini Toormuck, Kraagor, Girard Draketooth, Lirian and Soon Kim, he successfully sealed the 5 rifts in the fabric of the universe. In one instance, near the northern polar cap, Dorukan had to seal a rift while Kraagor was directly engaged with the Snarl, presumably causing the dwarf's demise.

Dungeon of Dorukan Edit

When the Order disbanded Dorukan guarded the gate in the Redmountain Hills, using powerful spells and sigils that could only be used by those "pure of heart". He possessed a Talisman designed to "herd" all the obsolete 2nd Edition monsters into the vault.

Dorukan was romantically involved with Lirian, with whom he developed the spells to create the gates. He left an exception to his Cloister spell so that he could summon her.

6 months before the Order of the Stick entered the Dungeon, Dorukan was goaded into a fight with Xykon, who had trapped Lirian's soul in a Black Gem he carried. Dorukan fought Xykon to free Lirian so she could be revived, however he fell to the lich's repeat casting of Energy Drain. Xykon then bound his soul in the Black Gem with Lirian's, took his headband, claiming the Cloister spell and the Dungeon.

The Order of the Scribble
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