The fourth volume of the Order of the Stick inludes their adventures from #487-672, as well as two 'deleted scenes,' Elan's Underwater Adventure and Get Roy.


  • Hinjo's Boat
  • Off-shore Island
  • Underwater (Elan's Underwater Adventure)

The Celestial RealmEdit

  • Eugene's Cloud
  • The Mountain
  • Sara's House
  • The Lake

Azure CityEdit

  • The Granary
  • Resistance Headquaters
  • Xykon's Green Tower

'Orc' IslandEdit

  • Cave Passage

Sunken ValleyEdit

Greysky CityEdit

  • Hieronymous Grubwiggler's Castle
  • The Thieve's Guild
  • Pete's House

Elven LandsEdit

  • Inkyrius's Cottage / Garden


The Order of the StickEdit

Pets and FamiliarsEdit

Team EvilEdit


The Black Squadron Edit

  • Wights


The Sapphire GuardEdit

House KubotaEdit

The ResistanceEdit

The AfterlifeEdit


Sunken ValleyEdit

  • The Oracle
  • The Oracle's Helpers
  • Magic Mouth
  • The Oracle's Guards

Greysky CitizensEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

Inter-Fiend Cooperation CommissionEdit


Other CharactersEdit

  • Mermaid (Elan's Underwater Adventure)

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