Dinosaur Island
Government Monarchy
Ruler Devil-King

Dinosaur Island is an island somewhere in the world of Order of the Stick. Julio Scoundrél fenced with the Devil-King of Dinosaur Island using his +3 Keen Rapier when he was approximately 13th level.[1] He later gave that rapier to Elan, to replace his sword lost at Cliffport.

D&D ContextEdit

  • The island, especially considering Scoundrél's age, is likely a reference to the classic 1981 D&D (expert set) module: The Isle of Dread by David Cook and Tom Moldvay. The adventure famously features a number of dinosaurs on the island. Moldvay was notably also the author of the second edition of the D&D Basic Set, published in 1980. The Isle of Dread was packaged along with the basic set for that printing.


  1. Comic #392, "Death From Above"

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