Azure City Area
Cyan Peninsula
Government Monarchy
Ruler Gobbotopia
Races Humans, Goblinoids

The Cyan Peninsula is part of the Southern Continent, extending out into the Wet Sea from the Southern Mountains, forming Cobalt Bay to its north and Gulf Bay to its south. On the northern shore of the peninsula sits Gobbotopia, which once was Azure City. The peninsula is ruled by the government in that city.

Southern Continent
Azure City Area
Cyan Peninsula (Gobbotopia/Azure City · Cerulean River · Cobalt Bay · Depressed Hills · Gulf Bay · Road Valley · Robinsegg · Valley River) · Blue River · Blueriver Fort · Concave Mountains · Southern Mountains (Perilous Path of Crushing Doom · Tower of Xykon · Gorge Ravine · Hobgoblin City · Hidden Valley) · Sunken Valley (Lickmyorangeballshalfling) · Realm of the Dragon (Peripheral Frontier) · Ghostlands

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