Cutting the Cord
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 481
Date published 9 August 2007
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"Change of Address Needed" "Leaving Azure City"
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The last of the Azurites weigh anchor as the docks are overrun.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan and V hold off the hobgoblins and soldiers with an illusion.
Elan: Oh no! Hinjo's hurt!
Vaarsuvius: Elan, you must maintain full concentration on your—

Panel 2

The celestial lion illusion disappears.
Vaarsuvius: —illusion.
Vaarsuvius: *sigh* Zombie: brains.

Panel 3

Azurite Sailor: Lord Hinjo!
Teal-haired Sailor: Is he dead?
Captain Axe: Don't know.
Captain Axe: All hands, weigh anchor and prepare to set sail!

Panel 4

Teal-haired sailor: What??
Captain Axe: Lord Hinjo is incapacitated. I'm the captain of this ship, and I'll be damned if we're sunk waiting for two Northerners that are probably dead already.
Teal-haired sailor: But—

Panel 5

Captain Axe: It's my job to protect everyone aboard—especially Hinjo. And that means getting him far away from situations where he can die heroically.
Captain Axe: Mistress Lien has graciously freed us from the octopus, and for the first time today, the wind is in our favor.

Panel 6

Captain Axe: We're leaving now—or we're all dying here!
Teal-haired sailor: Aye, captain, understood.

Panel 7

Elan: Is he OK?
Durkon: Aye, tha spell dinnae kill 'im, tho smackin' 'is 'ead on tha deck knocked 'im out cold.

Panel 8

Durkon: Cure Moderate Wounds!
Hinjo: Unnhhh... I'm sorry, Uncle, I'll never swipe a drink from your private stash again...
Elan: You—you big green meanie!!

Panel 9

Elan: You're not so tough, you know! If my friend Roy were here, he'd kill you dead! EXTRA dead!

Panel 10

The ship begins to move away from the pier. Lien and Razor are in the water to port.
Elan: I mean, you're not even THAT big! I bet even I could beat you!

Panel 11

The dock and hobgoblins recede into the distance.
Elan: In fact, I bet I could just sort of step on you...
Elan: You are awfully...
Elan: ...tiny.

Panel 12

The dock and Azure City recede even further away.
Elan: ...
Elan: Um, guys?

D&D Context Edit

  • Some illusion spells require the spell caster to maintain concentration on the illusion for it to remain in effect, up to the spell's maximum duration.

Triva Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the Azurite Sailor (blue headscarf) from #479.

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